I was born Steven B. Farmer in St. Louis, Mo. on April 16th, 1959. 

Growing up just after the birth of rock, I was especially influenced by 

the ‘album rock’ era — the music played in 60’s and 70’s by local 

stations KSHE-95 and the old KADI-96. I found the FM dial by accident 

one night, and my life changed to stereo….I wanted to be a rock star, 

and at age 9 formed The Mountain Lions with my brothers Dan, Mike, 

and Dave Farmer. We were awful, but nobody would tell us because we 

played in front of encouraging family and neighbors. We even 

unscrewed the lid from our big toy box and found some of dad’s spray 

paint to make our stage sign!  Dad was not thrilled!

At age 13, I started taking private guitar lessons. The best advice my 

first teacher gave me was to learn to sing.  Guitar players can find 

work, but singing guitar players get twice as much work. It was only 3 

years later that I was teaching private guitar lessons at the studio 

where I learned, Huelsing Music on Watson at Arsenal.

In 1976, while at Bishop Du Bourg High School, I helped found 

Quintessence, a foursome that eventually expanded into an 8-piece 

horn band working the wedding circuit for Bob Kuban, Dick Hall 

Entertainment, and other booking agents.  From Parish Homecomings 

to City Festivals, we played a wide variety of dance music.  Alas, the 

trend toward DJ’s at weddings and dances took its toll on many bands 

in St. Louis.  With little work left, Quintessence finally called it quits in 

2010 after 34 years together!  Perhaps we played your wedding?

In 2003 I began attending Open Mic nights at That One Place in Fenton 

and I began compiling and rehearsing my favorites. The result is 

EvenSteven, a stage name I picked so people would remember me and 

the tax man wouldn’t?  EvenSteven’s sound includes a drum machine 

and vocal harmonizer so you get the sound of  a three-piece band for 

the price of a solo performer!

While I never did become a Rock Star, I am blessed to be able to still   

entertain for friends, family, and fans across St. Louis.

Thanks for reading!